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Thank you for choosing Celestial Healing Massage!

By using this company you are supporting local jobs and families and that's a BIG deal. You are a BIG deal too that's why at Celestial Healing Massage we are focused on your well being and satisfaction of the service you receive. 

Call or text us and a real human will be on the other end.

My Story

My name is Adrienne Reed and I'm a licensed massage therapist servicing New Mexico, Oklahoma and Colorado. Right out of college I knew I chose the right career but up until recently I have worked for other people.

I realized that I wasn't as happy in my career as I could be. I wanted more time with my kids and a better quality of life for myself and my family that's why I started Celestial Healing Massage. By working for myself I now have the time and flexibility to be with my family but also do what I'm so passionate about, massage. I have always enjoyed giving massages to ease everyday aches and pains and to better someone elses quality of life. Providing Relief to others brings me so much joy I can't imagine doing anything else.

I am married and have 4 beautiful children for which some have started their own businesses. Now with your help I will grow a business so book your appointment today and have a better tomorrow.

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